Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Day off today

I had my first day off in about three weeks today. You know what I did? I drove up to Northern Virginia, my favorite place to hang. I actually took a Christmas up to my wife who is working in her office in Alexandria for a couple of days. She was meeting a former co-worker/friend for dinner and forgot to take the gift from home with her. So, me being to great husband that I am drove two hours to take it to her and to also have lunch with her as well. We had Perfect Pita...it is a litlle whole in the wall place in Old Town Alexandria, but the food is really good, they have great pitas and amazing hummus. We went back to her office to eat. It was lots of fun. By the way I really love my wife and enjoy spending time with her. I also hate when she goes away. She left yesterday morning and comes back home tomorrow afternoon. Anyways, I am going to go and have some coffee at a local coffee shop Chester Perk...think about "Friends" Central Perk. This place is really cool, they have great decor and really good coffee.


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