Friday, January 11, 2013

Great Wisdom in the Tension -Leading through Creating Opportunities

I think one role of lead pastor as a leader is creating opportunities for others. If you do everything yourself, your potential is limited to your abilities. I know that sounds obvious, but the obvious eludes us! If you’re doing things that others can do 80% as well as you can, then you are not just wasting your time. You are wasting other’s gifts!(Agreed?)

Think of it this way: your responsibility = someone else’s opportunity!
If you learn to unleash others and create opportunities for them to step into their gifts, then your potential for impact multiplies exponentially. That’s one reason I love multi-site. It forces us to raise us six times as many people to use their gifts.

Few things are as emotionally rewarding to me as seeing people step into their gifts with holy confidence and letting God use them!

Unfortunately, too many pastors think and feel they need to do it all!  The all feel the the need to micro-manage.  For the record, I do NOT micro-manange.  I can't stand being micro-managed.   As a leader or a boss do you feel the need to micro-manage? Do you all leaders to lead?

Jesus never micro-managed...Jesus, equipped, enabled and empowered.  He allowed His disciples to make mistakes. 

Leaders I respect the most are those who empower others.  Every pastor I served under were leaders...they weren't micro-managers.  They made the decision to hire me, they felt I was the right for the position and they allowed me to lead through empowerment.  They allowed me to through my gifts.  When these leaders of healthy churches decided to bring on their teams, they knew I would the seat I should be in on the bus.  God gave them that ability and they trusted their calling and they trusted the calling that God gave me.

When hiring don't just hire employees, hire leaders and visionaries.  Empower others to lead and carry the vision with you.  Do you trust those God led you to hire on your teams?  If not, it may not be that person, it might be you, perhaps you didn't pray about it or you or seek God's will for the hiring decision.

Ultimately, I am thankful for a Lord and Savior who leads me. God never micro-manages my life. If you need to micro-manage others, you hired the wrong people.  Are the right people seated in the right seat on the bus?

It has been my experience over the last 19 years of ministry that healthy churches don't micro-manage, pastors don't micro-manage and boards don't micro-manage a pastor.  Be an empowerer!

Love to hear your thoughts on this.


Anonymous said...

So,how are doing this at Lakeside?

Chris Jarrell said...

As I get to know people and hear and see their passions empowering them to step out. Think about our Discipleship Coordinator, giving him more and more opportunities to speak. I think about a guy name Dan leading the way with our Easter Eggstravaganza. It is about getting a sense where people are at and when they are ready letting them step out and serve. I think opportunities come in times of serving...many people want to just do and lead without serving and learning for awhile.

My biggest thing, if you are willing to be a good follower and set under someone else's leadership and good chance you aren't you won't be a good leader. The best leaders are great followers.

I find people who are patient and are faithful with the small things will do great with the big things. Unfortunately, many people want to jump to the front of the line and just do the big thing.

With just being here at Lakeside for a short time, it seeing those who have been faithful with the small things and letting them go with the big things.

I have a acronym for perspective leaders FAT - Faithful, Available and Teachable. Faithful with the little things, Available to God and Available to do tasks that may seem beneath them, and Teachable, someone who doesn't know it all and is always willing to grow.

I hope that helps answer your question...usually, I don't reply to anonymous comments.


Chris Jarrell said...

I also want to add another way we will be doing this at Lakeside is through equipping and training. We will also unveil our five year vision soon, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page moving forward as well.

It is important to equip, enable, and empower people to do the works of service.

You need to allow room for people to fail, but you also create a culture of excellence.

I don't micro manage the ministry team leaders here at Lakeside, I don't micromanage our discipleship coordinator or our office manager, I enable and empower them to operate in their gifts.